About Us

From Idea, to hobby, to business

Meet the creators and masterminds behind the candles

Dynamic Duo

The Story of the duo

It all started as a side hobby and quickly grew in to an up-and-coming small business.

I started Moon Phase Candles as a way to fulfill a life long dream- to enrich lives. I spent many months playing with different waxes and scents, but never really going anywhere with it, but never losing the dream.

Que Beccah- I started receiving messages from her talking about different craft shows encouraging me to sell my candles. After much convincing, and the promise of her help, we decided on the the Gail Hill Memorial Craft Show, and the rest was history.

We immediately started work on what became our first line of candles. Each piece fell into place and we developed something we were proud of. Each candle is hand poured using Natural Soy Wax, Natural Derived Fragrances, Organic Cotton Wicks, and housed in recycled metal tins. Our Wickless Wax Melts follow in these foot steps using the same natural ingredients. To ensure space-filling and long-lasting fragrance, all of our candles and wax melts have the highest fragrance concentration possible.

As a final piece, I wanted to tie in my spiritual side into each candle. Since we do not use any additives, each hand poured candle develops its own character and texture on the top of the wax as it cools. During our finishing process we do not remove these imperfections, but rather embrace them. Each candle is dusted with ethically sourced, vegan mica powder to accent these textures. This, in turn, mimics the surface of the moon and pays homage to our namesake. Lastly, each candle is paired with a crystal to create the final magical product.

We can’t wait for you to try our candles and bring a small piece of this dream home with you!